GIDIG is for people who want a better way to reach their goals and improve their lives. It’s a framework that helps you define what you want to accomplish, and then redefine those goals as small, easy, measureable actions that you can do every day. It’s a tool that helps you record and track these actions as you turn them into habits. GIDIG provides data and support to keep you moving in the right direction, one day at a time.

GIDIG is the result of an “Aha!” moment of insight and the transformational process that followed. We built this program for ourselves. It works, so we decided to share.

Who are we?

Elaine Cunningham is a New York Times bestselling writer, former teacher, and firm believer in lifelong education.

Bill Cunningham is a certified public accountant with a background in television, marketing, and education.

Why “GIDIG?”

Because it’s a great word! It’s a palindrome—it reads the same forward or backwards—so it portrays a sense of balance. It’s a fun word, coming from the same root as “giddy.” In its original Anglo-Saxon meaning, “gidig” was a state of possession by a divine spirit, either good or mischievous. Since habits can arise outside of our conscious choice, they sometimes feel mysterious and unknowable. GIDIG provides a framework that will help you understand and take control of your habits.

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